Step by Step Instruction on Building a
“Lion Eye Glass Collection Box”



1 – Sheet 1/4″ Luan PlywoodBlueprint 4 – 2″ x 2″ x 8 Ft Pine
1 – Tube Construction Adhesive
1/2 sheet 3/4″ Plywood (sanded one side)
4 – 3 inch Tee Hinges
2 Handles….We use wood cabinet pulls
2 Storm Window “Latches”
2 Carpet Scraps 12″ x 12″
4 Peel and Stick Signs (min. Order) $10.00 Each plus S.H  email
Ace hardware 2005 colors for your life ext. House and trim paint.
1 Quart Purple (Gypsy Belle A1-6) Semi Gloss Paint
1 Quart Gold (Casa de Oro A20-6) Semi Gloss Paint
1 Quart White Semi Gloss Paint


1. Cut Luan Plywood into eight 11 7/8″ x48″ pieces

2. Cut four pieces at a 45 degree angle (cut two at a time with smooth sides facing up and down)

3. Cut and attach 2×2 strips to above with adhesive and small small nails.
(We use a finish nailer and 3/4″ or 7/8″ nails and liquid nails)

4. Attach back panel per above

5. Cut front panel to size (leave 1/4″ gap on top) attach per above

6. Cut and attach filler pieces on bottom. Attach per above

7. Cut tops and bottoms and doors from 3/4″ Plywood

8. Router upper edges of tops and bottoms (we use 1/4 round bit)

9. Sand top and edges and doors

10. Fill in voids with wood filler. Let dry. Sand

11. Place box on base and center, mark location

12. Place box on it’s back

A. Apply adhesive to bottom of box

b. Hold base in proper position

c. Shoot a few nails to hold in position

d. Secure with four 2″ gal. deck screws

13. Cut holes for eyes, ears and rear door as per drawing

14. Sand box and openings

15. Drill hole for door pull

16. Install a screw 3/4″ inside door opening to act as stop

17. Attach door and pull

18. Prime paint all plus top piece

19. Paint top semi glass white

20. Paint box gold

21. Paint base purple

22. Attach top with four 2 inch screws

23. Trim excess paper off peel and stick sign

24. Tricky part !!!…. Gently cut through paper backing down middle

25. Position sign on top…..Tape one half to top

26. Lift untaped side and gently peel away backing and press well to attach

27. Repeat no. 25 On other side

28. Attach door latch

29. Cut 2 x 2 corners out of 12″ x 12″ carpet scrap

30. Place carpet liner in box

31. Use your imagination on finishing unit!

See samples of South Milwaukee units

Our units were decorated by South Milwaukee High School Students,
an employee of one of our co-operating merchants, Milw and Tosa H.S. Students,
Lion Ron Fowler and his wife, Rose

Eye_collection_boxes Eye_collection_boxes2